Artwork of bottle sheath

Leather Bottle Sheath

Occasionally we carry one-off items from artists who want to test their product, to see if there is interest. In our next few shows, we’ll be showing an item from artist Lisa Shann. We met Lisa about a year ago at one of the events we were at. She is a leather working hobbiest and wanted us to see an item that she made ‘just for fun’. Wow were we surprised when we saw this novel twist on leatherworking!

Lisa has tooled an all leather beverage sheath. It’s adorned with Oak artwork. The sheath has the capacity to hold a water bottle, soft drink bottle, and even many other bottles. Obviously it has potential.

We only have one of these to offer for purchase. If you want to be the first to own one be sure to visit our tent at our upcoming shows. Your first opportunity to purchase it will be at the Nordic Fire Festival on February 28.

The sheath is worn on a belt loop, as you would wear a dagger or sword sheath. It’s very classy and discreet.

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